Aperature–> Iris (opens and closes the vision sensor, rods & cones) CMOS Sensor on digital cameras.

Shutter –> The human blink (How long the vision is open)

Automatic–> Let your involuntary movements (Blinks and iris) be automatic. The eye has an Auto Zoom feature also.

Manual–> Manual Blinks, times between blinks. Zoom to double vision or on a certain item your eye moves towards.

ISO (International Standards Org)-How much light with filters is vision (Sunglasses in human form)

MEGA PIXELS: Human Eye ~576MP. Best digital Camera to date ~50MP. With a price tag of $50k

Burning an image, shutter open too long–> The eye, looking at the sun too long or keeping your eyes open w/o blinking.

For the blind, research into placing a high MP sensor behind the eyeball and connecting it the the optic nerve. We already have cochlear ear implants for the deaf. Glad & Thanks to all photographers investing money into the equipment that keeps R&D going into super high MP CMOS Image sensors.…/image-sensor-implants-used-as…/

Shoot a photo, not a person.

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