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  1. mmr says:

    It’s easy to take a picture. Today’s hardware is superb.

    The key, in my opinion, to a really good photo is one that draws the viewer in. Using tried and true rules, like the rule of 3rd, and off center your subject is important.

    PhotoShop (PS) allows you to make your images more appealing.

    In my opinion, I don’t like including too much of “nothing” in a picture. So, for example, the image that Bryan took is good…but will simply fall in a pile of “not ever viewed again” pictures.

    I took a Nat Geo course in Sienna, Italy. They taught us to go out and shoot everything we wanted. They would then have us go back to the studio and cull the hundreds of pictures down to just 4. They considered the others as not important. Do this sometime. Try to take 1000 pictures and cull them down to 4. Almost impossible but you must do it!

    So in Bryan’s picture of the deer lease, I thought there was too much blue sky so I cropped the extra sky out.

    The picture seemed to mundane to me and it would be one I would put away for a photo box and never see it again. So why take it?

    With a few PS edits, and cutting out things like the remainder of the sky and adding clouds. I selected the water and used Smart Photo Editor to select an effect for the layer of water. Then, do the same for the sky and the grass. Drama created.

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